Chocolate Storage FAQ

My chocolate melted after arrival and has white coloring, is it still good? 

This white discoloration is called 'cocoa butter bloom'. It does not affect the flavor of the chocolate, but it does change the texture of it. The fats in chocolate — called cocoa butter — are tempered during the final step of chocolate making. Chocolate that has been melted and re-hardened loses this temper. 

How should I store my chocolate? 

If you live in a temperate climate, we recommend storing chocolate in your pantry or a chocolate drawer in your kitchen. Chocolate is best stored in a cool dry place. If you live in a warm climate, then any cool or AC space is best, again avoiding too much heat or moisture. The fridge can work to store chocolate in a pinch, but we don't recommend it. This is because the temperature fluctuations in the fridge will lessen the temper of the chocolate over time. Humidity in the fridge can permeate into the chocolate as well as the presence of other strong flavors which can also influence the chocolate flavor. If the fridge is your best storage place, put them in a sealed plastic bag to keep it the freshest.

How long does it stay good for? Does it expire?

Technically speaking, as long as it is stored properly with low moisture, chocolate will stay good for years. But, chocolate is best enjoyed within one year and the flavors do change with time. Brighter more fruity notes will be present in the first 3-6 months that fade to warm nutty cocoa notes later in time.