Hau'oli Makahiki Hou From From Lydgate Farms!
75 % Dark Chocolate with Kōloa Hawaiian Rum

75 % Dark Chocolate with Kōloa Hawaiian Rum

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Lydgate Farms has partnered with Kauai’s own Koloa Rum to create a chocolate bar with a symphony of Kauai flavor and depth. Our single-origin cacao nibs are steeped in Koloa Rum for up to 18 days to create Koloa Rum’s signature Kauai Cacao Rum. Once the Cacao Rum has steeped, the rum-infused beans are returned to Lydgate Farm and refined with organic cane sugar to produce this 75% Dark Chocolate with Koloa Hawaiian Rum Bar*. 

This completely Kauai-made chocolate bar is a must-try. The characteristic, warm, nutty, and caramel notes of gold rum are absorbed by Lydgate cacao in the rum-making process and make an exquisite pair with the bright, florals notes in our extra smooth dark chocolate. This chocolate is like none you have tasted before. Unmistakably fudgy with warm molasses, golden rum flavor. It is a triumph of Kauai-grown ingredients and chocolate as nature intended it.

*Contains no alcohol