Hau'oli Makahiki Hou From From Lydgate Farms!

Limited Edition Coffee

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Is there a better combination than coffee and chocolate? We think not! Grown alongside our cacao grove on our 46-acre farm in the misty mountains of Kauai, Lydgate Farms limited edition Hawaiian coffee is a symphony of nature. Born from Kauai’s volcanic soil and nurtured with abundant rain, Lydgate Farms coffee is grown and produced in small batches, hand-picked and processed under the Hawaiian sun. 

With toasted nut, floral, and fruit tones, Lydgate Farms coffee is descended from Guatemalan Typica, the same variety cultivated in Kona. Lydgate Coffee is dark roasted to reveal the rich Hawaiian coffee flavor. Enjoy black or add a dash of fresh cream for a decadent and delicate cup. Enjoy with a square of Lydgate Farms Chocolate on the side (or dunked right in) for a completely Kauai concoction.