Hawaiian Vanilla Extract Kit

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We love chocolate! And we take great care in shipping it directly from our farm on Kauai to you! For more detailed information, please visit our FAQs page.

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Due to hot summer temperatures, we ship all orders on Monday and Tuesday of each week. An order placed on Monday will arrive by Wednesday at the earliest and Friday at the latest. All orders placed on Tuesday afternoon until Monday morning will go out on the following Monday or Tuesday. Current FedEx staffing issues occasionally cause further delays. Check our FAQs for information on international shipping.

How is it packaged?

Chocolate is temperature sensitive, so we pack each order with special care. Your shipment may come in an insulated box with ice packs depending on weather conditions and should be brought inside immediately.

  • For 72-78° F: chocolate is packed in an insulated bag with one reusable ice pack.
  • For 79-84° F: chocolate is packed in a foil insulated liner with ice packs proportional to how much chocolate there is.
  • For 85+° F: chocolate is packed in a foil insulated liner with at least two ice packs, sometimes more depending on how much chocolate there is.
Awesome, thanks for the info!

Add a taste of paradise to all of your home made cocktails and baked goods with Lydgate Farms Hawaiian Vanilla Extract Kit. Lydgate Farms Vanilla has a soft, pleasant aroma and sweet, floral flavor. Simply snip or slice the three included vanilla beans, place in the jar and cover with a neutral spirit such as vodka or white rum. Close the lid, shake gently and then store in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet or pantry. 

Within two weeks your vanilla extract will make an excellent cocktail mixer and will be full strength extract perfect for baking within 3 months. The best part about Lydgate Farms Hawaiian Vanilla Extract kits is once you’ve started your jar, your pantry will never be low on the taste of aloha again. Simply top off the jar with a neutral spirit after each use for an endless supply.

*Please note that Lydgate Farms Hawaiian Vanilla Extract Kit does not include alcohol/spirits.


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Our famous farm tour is Kauai’s most enjoyable and educational activity. Stroll through our botanical gardens, sample our palm-blossom honey, vanilla beans, and tropical fruit; and learn about the amazing cacao plant ending with an extensive chocolate tasting course.

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The Cocoa of Excellence Programme is a global competition held every 2 years in Paris, France to recognize the work of cocoa farmers and celebrate quality, flavor diversity and unique origins.