Festive Brews Holiday Package PRE-SALE

Festive Brews Holiday Package PRE-SALE

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This thoughtful selection of Lydgate Farms brewing chocolate, small-batch coffee, and honey will brighten any coffee lover's holiday with festive flavors of chocolate, honey, and holiday spice. Start your morning like an Aztec ruler with a cup of brewing chocolate topped with a twist of warming, holiday spice from our sweet cacao seasoning grinder. With one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants in any familiar food, brewing chocolate made from Lydgate Farms cacao isn’t just a delicious way to start the day, it is a metabolism-boosting, heart health-supporting, brain food. Add a teaspoon of Palm blossom honey and you’ll have a treat fit for a deity!

If coffee is your preferred way to start or end the day, the Festive Brews Holiday package also includes Lydgate Farms limited edition Hawaiian coffee. Handpicked and dark roasted, this coffee is a triumph of Kauai’s natural wonders. Combine with a spoonful of brewing chocolate and cream for a decadent mocha or sweeten with a touch of palm honey and dash of milk to enhance the natural Hawaiian flavors. 

Each package includes: 

  • 8oz bag Limited Edition Lydgate Farms Coffee from our 2020 Harvest
  • (1) 8oz bag Brewing Chocolate
  • (1) 2oz Sweet Aloha Cacao Grind Seasoning
  • (1) 9oz Palm Blossom Honey

PRE-SALE Will ship as soon as coffee is back in stock for the season — first week in December.